Prods and Pom-Poms

Dancing, tantrums, bonfires, smoke breaks and an array of costume changes; this is 'Bring it on', Belfast style.

‘Prods and Pom-Poms’ delves into Belfast’s infamous Sandy Row; an area synonymous with hard line Loyalism and finds an inspiring team of young cheerleaders; The Sandy Row Falcons.

Featuring their enthusiastic coach Lesley, a local dinner lady, the film documents the girls efforts as they train and prepare for the St Patricks day celebrations and a regional championship in Glasgow. 

Prods and Pom-Poms is an eye- opening and heart warming account of community in one of our Belfast’s most forgotten areas. 

1hr Documentary

Directed by Ben Jones & Paul Hutchinson

Filmed and edited by Ben Jones

Produced by Hooptedoodle Films 2009



Broadcast - UTV, Nov 2009

Screened - Belfast Film Festival, Mid Antrim Film Festival and Greenbelt Arts Festival 2009